Different types of bows that you can buy

There are a lot of bows available for people that are willing to begin archery or have been enjoying this sport for years now. Most people get engaged to archery, just by getting attracted to the overwhelming types of bows available to use. This definitely calls for individuals looking for information regarding different types of bows and how they differ from one another. Bows, in general are of the same shape and design, however, little changes in the bow can make a lot of difference. Here are some of the very commonly available bows that people use generally.

The Longbow, it was used in the medieval period where the most preferred weapon for attacking enemies was the longbow. Longbows are prepared with one single straight length wood. These are the simplest form of bow; the arrows shot through it are shot without any support, without a sight. The length of the bow is higher, thus it makes it easier to draw, which also increases the draw weight and more power can be generated. It is often found that the longbow functions the best when they are custom made keeping the archer in mind. This is simply done as the time passes the wood will grow to one particular length of draw.

Then there are the Recurve bows, which have their ends curved towards the target and away from the archer. As the Recurve bows are comparatively shorter, they are found to be more powerful than the longbow, because of the curve. In order to prepare the Recurve bow, there are several layers of wood used, laminated together to obtain the shape, unlike the longbow that is made of single length wood. The modern day Recurve bow, are made of three pieces, the body also known as riser, and two detachable limbs that are present at both the ends. It is often found that Recurve bows have a thin rod attached at the front of the bow, in order to keep it stable. The Recurve bows are also made with wood, fiberglass and ceramic too. You can often find these bows used in Olympics by the archers.

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Compound bow is another very popular bow used for hunting in the modern world; it consists of an off centered pulley on both the ends. There are more than one ways of stringing a compound bow, as the steel cables can be arranged in different ways that are used to draw the bowstring taut. A compound bow somehow has the same structure as the Recurve bow; however, they have pulleys that offer more tension and strength to draw. Although the compound bow has adjustable limbs, they are quite short just as the Recurve bow.

Lastly there are composite bows that functions similarly as the longbows. They are quite similar to the longbow, apart from the fact that they are made with laminated pieces of wood. There are different types of composite bows, which are differentiated based on the materials they are prepared with. There are three different layers of material used in the preparation of composite bow and it helps in the action of the bow.

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